Co-Created Arts

Co-Created Arts

ArtBeatz specialises in creating large-scale artworks that unite individuals and foster community engagement with art, with the aim of creating an open platform and spurring endless possibilities. Through these collaborative projects, art becomes a common language, transcending differences, and connecting and inspiring people from all walks of life.

We highly value the conversational process of conceptualising and creating each project, being an eye-opening glimpse into the different lives of the people around us. Having worked extensively with a wide range of age groups and communities, from corporate and residential groups, to schools and the general public, ArtBeatz has demonstrated the ability to be a bridge between people, communities, and ideas. We remain dedicated to cementing a network of connectivity between individuals.

By drawing from a deep-rooted heritage and seeking out common ground between people, ArtBeatz also aims to facilitate a greater sense of interconnectedness within the community. Co-created projects each showcase a vibrant and distinct visual imagery, creating a sense of identity unique to a specific community. With each project, a richer understanding of the community is gained, through every cultural and personal nuance imprinted on the finished work. By transpiring in public spaces, our projects transform the dwelling space of participants into artistic landscapes that proclaim the creative expression of the community.

ArtBeatz’s collaborative art projects are vehicles of change – communicating social and environmental issue, transforming the world around us. Our trained art facilitators become catalysts for holistic development, by working with participants to unleash their creativity, preserve their memories, and honour their imagination. By integrating elements from a range of visual art practices, ArtBeatz strives to continuously adopt interactive and innovative methods that push the boundaries of artmaking.

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