Art is creation and innovation. Experiment with us to discover the various forms of art creation and creating your own masterpieces out of it. Curious on what we can discover together? Then, view the videos below to try a few techniques for yourself!

Chinese Ink Art Workshop

This Chinese Ink workshop was created to share the basics of Chinese ink strokes in an easy way of enjoying the flow of Chinese ink in its full blossoms! Chinese ink on rice papers always gives you the surprise elements where the ink spreads out after your final touch to achieve the beauty of Nature!

Paper Marbling Art Workshop

This Paper Marbling art making workshop is easy, and you can do it again and again to enjoy the marvelous outcomes of which will look different every time.

Paper Wind Chimes Art Workshop

This Paper Wind Chimes easy to do at home art making workshop is created for young ones to have fun at home. Adults are welcome to join in to enhance the wind chimes with more embellishments of your choice. Let your imagination goes wild!

Water Bottle Painting Workshop

This Water Bottle Painting workshop will show your young ones how to paint their water bottle in any way they want it, to add character and personalized it with his own signature.

What? Face Workshop

Easy to find material at home and have fun creating what? face! Parents can also play with children to demonstrate different emotions. Learning what facial expressions in relation to emotions is one great way of enhancing emotional intelligence through play and arts.

Wire Sculpture Workshop

Wires are extremely addictive. Little ones could manipulate and hone their eye-hands coordination motor skills and stretch their imagination further as sky is the limit! It transforms into various forms and shapes, only at the magical touch of creative expressions.

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