Towards NFC 2025 Together

Towards NFC 2025 Together

NTUC First Campus 40th Anniversary Carnival

ArtBeatz was commissioned by NTUC First Campus to manage a collaborative art project commemorating their 40th Anniversary. The work was unveiled on 21 July 2017.

The theme of the artwork is, “Towards NFC 2025 Together”. Measuring 10 metres by 2.4 metres, the work presents a tapestry of creative expressions illuminating NTUC First Campus (NFC)’s ethos and 2025 aspirations in an abstract imagery, that elicits a sense of belonging and togetherness. A true reflection of bonding through the Universal Language of Arts with the confluence of individual creative expressions coming together as one.

Everyone played a part in creating this masterpiece together, with a final touch of finesses by artist Sun Yu-Li. An imaginative piece that commemorates NFC’s 40th Anniversary in an artistic endeavour, capturing the hearts and minds of all staff, taking ownership of and enjoying fruits of their labour together.

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