(Musical) Puppet Shows

(Musical) Puppet Shows

ArtBeatz is dedicated to creating quality theatre for young children.

By creating a unique, eye-opening experience with each show, audiences are offered the opportunity to explore non-conventional methods of learning.

Our productions are demonstrative of how learning can go beyond the classroom, with lessons permeating the audience’s lives long after the final curtain call. Different themes are explored from production to production, exposing audiences to a diverse spectrum of applicable values.

ArtBeatz theatre productions also feature interactive elements to communicate the importance of meaningful audience engagement. Not content with a restless, passive audience, we strive to stimulate critical thinking in the audience of every show, as well as to create an environment suited to nurturing imaginative thoughts.

ArtBeatz regularly partners with prolific award-winning local artists and creators for these productions, drawing from a wide pool of talent and showcasing the best of what Singapore has to offer. In doing so, we hope to inspire creativity in children who see our productions.

Venture into the lush jungles of Southeast Asia in this enthralling musical puppet show and delve into a hypnotic world of wonder and excitement. With its action-packed plot, captivating characters, and spirited music, “The Jungle Adventure: A Romp on the Wild Side!” is set to be an exhilarating and dynamic theatre experience for all.

Embodying the spirit of adventure, growth, and exploration, audiences will be transported to Pinocchio’s world of curiosity and fantasy. On top of being thoroughly entertained by the musical numbers and captivating visuals, the children will also come away better informed on the  importance of responsibility, familial love, and marine conservation.

Join the Ants, the Grasshopper, and their delightful friends on an adventure in the magical woods as they uncover the importance of responsibility.

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