Virtual Art Gallery

Virtual Art Gallery

Artbeatz Brings You A Whole New Way to Experience Art

When the world around us crumbles and no longer makes sense, we seem to turn inward and seek new meaning in the events and objects that surround us. With this COVID-19 pandemic hindering the way we used to go about our lives, we tend to appreciate and discover a deeper significance in works of art during these periods of introspection. To enhance experiencing art firsthand, Artbeatz introduces a way to have you experience the same beauty of art but with added convenience of viewing them from the comfort of your own home.

A Tribute to Life Through Arts!

This special virtual art gallery is a tribute to friendship forged through art appreciation.

Liang Wen Fu is a famous local composer, who has garnered thousands of followers through the years. He has enriched our lives since the 70s/80s where he started the Singapore Chinese folk songs movement: ”Xin Yao”. As a result, we, Singaporean Chinese, could forge our identity, celebrating our growing up years with songs that we can call our own. He is also a prolific poet and author, who shares almost daily inspirations sparked from everyday routine, treasuring even the miniscule occurrences in life. In response to his beautiful rendering with words, Kent Lau, who is not only the founder and executive creative director of Madaboutdesign but also an avid illustrator/caricaturist, has created interesting (and at times witty) illustrations alongside Wen Fu’s stories.

Hence, embark on a journey with us through the virtual art gallery to enjoy the creations by the adorable duo!

[A Community Art Project by ArtBeatz]

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