‘Shophouse’ Handbag

by D'gers

Be the center of attention as you carry a piece of art and tradition throughout your day. Regardless of the occasion- whether it is brunch with your friends, a mid-afternoon coffee date, or a romantic dinner at your favourite restaurant, you’ll always draw the eyes of those around you with the Shophouse Handbag. D’Gers used her original artistic style to create a design filled with rich colours and texture to suit any event, bringing you from day to night, from indoors to out. With a cheerful pink trim, and a bright and whimsical design highlighting an iconic part of the Singapore landscape, you are sure to stand out while toting this bag around town. The Shophouse Handbag is as functional as it is beautiful, with a zip closure to seal the mouth to prevent your belongings from tumbling out. Its neoprene material also makes it easy to wash, and portable enough to not weigh you down.


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In this one-of-a-kind series, the artist D’Gers has designed three stylish accessories using artwork made with her exclusive and original techniques. 

Here, D’gers has translated her love for the vibrant traditional shophouses of Singapore into a series of wearable pieces of art. 

The lively and vivid artwork, featuring shophouses that can be found throughout the island, catches the attention while showcasing a piece of local history, bringing both beauty and heritage to the design. 

By using this original artwork created in D’Gers’ unique and visionary style, this bundle combines fashion and the artist’s inimitable creativity to showcase elegant products that enhance the lives of users through art.

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