Bicentennial DNA 2019 Stainless Steel [80 cm x 20 cm]

by CJ Kho, Sun Yu-Li

This DNA sculpture consists of two helices representing our 200 years of heritage. At the apex, the DNA strands open up in preparation for replication symbolizing our nation moving forward into the next 200 years with zest, passion and determination to duplicate the success of the last 200 years. The two helices are intertwined yet flexible demonstrating the diversity of our nation with her 4 races (represented by the four bases in DNA) co-existing harmoniously and collaboratively with our external environment. The bonds are held together to illustrate our tenacity to face future challenges as one people, one DNA, one nation. The sculpture can also be viewed as a figure of “Eight” or as “Infinity” if rotated at right angle signifying prosperity and longevity as our nation progresses towards the next 200 years.


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Other sizes available: [120 cm x 33 cm], [180 cm x 50 cm], [240 cm x 66 cm]. Please enquire for prices

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