From A Dot ~ A Journey with Sun Yu-Li

by Sun Yu-Li

Sun Yu-Li has placed Singapore on the art world map, with his art, mainly sculptures, displayed in prominent places worldwide. Beyond his public persona as an artist, few know about the personal story of Sun Yu-Li. In his own words, Sun Yu-Li shares about his formative years and highlights the significance of his parents’ role in igniting his love of nature, interest in art, and intellectual inspirations. A book where parents can take home tips on inspiring their children and young artists-wannabe could be inspired too.


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From a dot, tells the story of one man’s dream to scale the Everest of the mind, through his discovery of the Universal Language; a formal language of the metaphysical. Sun Yu-Li has attempted to develop a macro theory that integrates the diversified knowledge fields from a simple perspective. Much of his research was done in Singapore.

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