Holiday Programme at BRMC for Kindergarten 1 and 2,   9 am to 12 pm ; 22 -23 June 2023

Holiday Programme at BRMC for Kindergarten 1 and 2, 9 am to 12 pm ; 22 -23 June 2023

Holiday Programme at BRMC for Kindergarten 1 and 2, 9 am to 12 pm ; 22 -23 June 2023

June Thursday

$400 per child, early bird discount $350 by 9 June registration and full payment received. 

Junior Toastmasters, as its name suggests, is a platform to groom children and furnish them with the capabilities to engage the audience effectively through speech. Junior Toastmasters is designed to build confidence in delivery, instil articulation skills and achieve an impressive narrative arc in speech. Voices are the building blocks to create speech and add colours to drama. Junior Toastmasters strives to explore voices in empowering speech and enhancing drama with dynamism!
Learning how to tell a story is a natural part of a child’s narrative development. In fact, as children get older, they get better and better at telling stories. And because they get better at telling stories, they want to tell more of them. But not every child has the platform to practice and hone these skills and become confident at using them. We, create this environment and platform to present your child.

Content outline

Bodywork. Encourages children to warm up and stretch their entire bodies so that they can engage with the materials for the session. Only when children are fully relaxed, both physically and mentally, can they learn and remember more. Bodywork also aims to help children learn postures of confidence which will help them to find an optimal position for good breathing control and voice projection.
Speechwork. Teaches children to speak clearly by using rhymes, speech drills and tongue twisters. Children will be taught how to articulate the various sounds of the English language, from consonants to vowels.
Voicework. Explores the wonderful instrument we know of as the voice. Children learn vocal techniques by using different voices through characterisation, co-telling of stories, and singing.
Storytime. This is where the various activities come together. Children are invited to share stories, or continue an ongoing one, where everyone in the room will be engaged in the action. Children get different opportunities to play the role of the story master, act as agents, make sound effects and even learn how to be an attentive audience. Our facilitators don’t just tell stories but invite everyone into the story.

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