Co-created arts projects

ArtBeatz specialises in creating large-scale artworks that unite individuals and foster community engagement with art, with the aim of creating an open platform and spurring endless possibilities. Through these collaborative projects, art becomes a common language, transcending differences, and connecting and inspiring people from all walks of life.


ArtBeatz brings together a contingent of best practices from the creative industries, artistic communities, and organizations as we are dedicated to creating quality theatre for young children. By creating a unique, eye-opening experience with each show, audiences are offered the opportunity to explore non-conventional methods of learning.


ArtBeatz is dedicated to delivering quality learning experiences that engage children and encourage them to approach the world around them with curiosity and intelligence. Through our workshops and drama and visual arts programmes, we strive to equip every child with the tools to explore independently and to express their creative ideas with confidence, and to strengthen their critical thinking skills.

Who We Are. What We Do

ArtBeatz has been established to explore the unique way and meaningful engagement of the community with the arts. ArtBeatz seeks ground-breaking innovation that shapes the way people experience their community, culture, and arts.

ArtBeatz is committed to staying relevant over time by keeping in touch with the heart and pulse of the current and future generations.

ArtBeatz also continues to research and experiment new teaching pedagogies and brew new creative ideas in arts projects. Through these projects, Artbeatz intends to cultivate an appreciation of arts and invite interactions from people from all walks of life, across all ages.