Junior Toastmasters

Junior Toastmasters

Available during the School Holidays

We can all find our voices together to tell a story loud and clear.

Participation fee: $200 per participant for the whole week

(Recommended age: 6 to 10 years old)

Limited slots available. Each will be given a chance to speak and practice their delivery. It will be online zoom sessions with face-to-face interaction with our facilitator, Ms Dawn Tam, who is a current actress on TV and in films, with hosting experience and speech deliveries at hundreds of community events. Plus, a bag full of accolades with International (Asian Edition) Just for Laugh comedienne, TV commercials and press advertisements in the Asian region. And, is the executive producer for theatre and TV productions, including 2020 President Star Charity show opening item: The Miracle of Pinocchio. Most importantly, she is experienced in working with children on filming set.


Time: 10:00 – 10:45

[Morning Session]



[Every session will have a short story to practise]

Learning Outcomes


Breathing It Right


Learning to be aware and control of breathing will help children to calm their nerves, slow their heartbeats to maximise their performance during the crucial needy moments.


Posture It Right


Posture can be a hindrance or a total support for that delivery of speech and a showcase of confidence.


Pitching Your Voice


A series of sound Fondling activities may reveal your children’s innate potential of finding that perfect
voice for the right occasion.


Pace and Tone to Colour Your Voice


Often, professionals would say the words with twangs, of which would probably add a layer of conviction.


Speak with Confidence


When someone can stand before people to speak with confidence, it is a very clear sign of leadership.


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