Workshop & Curriculum

Junior Toastmasters

Junior Toastmasters, as its name suggests, is a platform to groom children and furnish them with the capabilities to engage the audience effectively through speech. It is designed to build confidence in delivery, instil articulation skills and achieve an impressive narrative arc in speech. This programme is set to help children in exploring their voices, exercising particular sets of muscles to articulate and making them be aware of the diction in speaking

Drama Arts

Self, social and spatial awareness are key to a child’s development. Hence, these remain at the heart of the programme. Drama Mania also aims to engender language and literacy skills through vocal training, simplified theatre games and imaginative play. The class begins with a get together song to bring the student’s focus into the classroom, this is followed by warming up the body and mind with fun-filled exercises. Subsequently, we journey beyond the classroom through creativity and imagination, as the students find and express their individualism in curated dramatic scenarios with guiding questions.

Art la Carte

Visual expression is a creative playground for every child to explore and venture. With the introduction to various themes coupled with the contemporary art approach, students will be exposed to a good array of skills, techniques and materials hence developing their cognitive and motor skills making interesting works of art. Connecting art with the other learning areas such as language, numeracy and science provide the platform for students to expand further into the world of innovation and holistic education extending the depth of visual arts and creativity. The terms in the year will dive into four different topics: Art and the World, Art Expression and Techniques, Art and Literacy, and Art Appreciation.

Culture Rover