ArtBeatz proudly supported the 28th Southeast Asian Games Torch Up! Programme in 2015, jointly producing and facilitating two projects, Future Youth Abroad and Ouroboros, sharing the vision that every person matters in the grand scheme of things, and that each person has the capacity to contribute to a greater cause, regardless of their background or ability.


The SEA Games were a historic event for Singapore, occurring in our Jubilee year and returning here after 22-year hiatus. Torch Up! was an integral part of the build-up to the SEA Games. Themed ‘Celebrating the Extraordinary’, the programme united art and sport in a ground-breaking and eye-opening manner, offering a platform through community art to create a legacy that is unique, yet accessible to all. Community art enabled a wider reach to communities by offering the opportunity to make their own unique mark on this momentous occasion.

Torch Up

SG50 Façade Art

Our biggest feat in 2015 was furthering and sharing the co-creative process of A Peace of Art by collaborating with The People’s Association to transform 105 HDB blocks into a work of art. Over the span of 3 months, ArtBeatz worked on the ground with over 40 artists and 25,000 individuals, preparing and facilitating, to create the massive and meaningful piece of art. Bearing witness to the creativity and sentiments expressed for Singapore during its golden jubilee celebrations was the most joyful part of this project.

Through SG50 Façade Art, stories, wishes and connections that have been built by the communities are transformed into striking, beautiful and mesmerising works, conveying experiences from people of all walks of life. Some have shared memorable childhood experiences of life in the 50s, while others have expressed the joy of living in the modern metropolis that Singapore is today.

SG50 Façade Art has also maintained and utilised Sun Yu-Li’s concept of the Universal language, previously seen in A Peace of Art, stylised in white paint, against the vibrant colours added by the community. The work is an iconographic expression of moments, ideas, thoughts, memories and the deep connections between people. Besides reaching out to residential communities, the project also attracted the attention of the artistic community, 80 of whom explored and reinterpreted the original collaboration for Façade Art.

Love is...

Love Is… was created by renowned Singaporean artist, Sun Yu-Li, together with 500 Punggol residents, facilitated by ArtBeatz. This iconic project symbolises Punggol’s evolution, unfolding its past, present and future. The work is an artistic journey illustrating memories treasured by the residents, and their vision for Punggol. The artwork captures each participant’s personal message in the unique process of creative expression. Residents have depicted the past through images reminiscent of the tropical and close-knit kampong spirit in Punggol. The passage of time is brought across with the energetic burst of warm colours, emerging from cool colours; accompanied by interpretations of Punggol’s modern landscape and culture. Also portrayed are the residents’ aspirations for an inclusive and progressive community, filled with love, passion and prosperity. Through the artists’ stories, Love Is… immortalises Punggol’s vibrant and growing community.