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Drama is full of varieties! Many ways to express the same idea! Creative Fiesta! Concept We plan to captivate Kindergarten children with drama through play and developing language dynamics by having fun in expressing idea. We will foster teamwork in the Drama class to build social and emotional connections. Approach We have developed a fun discovery approach of learning through: 1. Concentration Exercises By fostering skills like listening, looking and touching we are linking the senses with other elements such as sound and music to stimulate imagination. 2. Creative Expression Using space, music, movement to develop emotion and logic, children would be encouraged to use their language or body language to express themselves in various scenes created or imagined. 3. Language Development Through our vast selection of poems, stories and speech exercises, we are integrating speech and emotion for language, to nurture an increase of awareness, group sensitivity, and the development of dramatic moments and characterization. Skills Development Drama activities are keys to the intellectual, social and emotional development of young children. Children learn as they play, pretend and imagine and would be able to:
  1. Use movement and facial expressions to convey feelings and emotions
  2. Use sounds to express character, feelings, and moods
  3. Demonstrate the ability to follow a simple set of steps in a dramatic task