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Ticket Sales Available For Public!

ArtBeatz is proud to present the gala performance of A Whale of Tale with Pinocchio! A colourful, imaginative and delightful musical puppet show to be staged within a ‘Whale’s Belly’. The storyline embodies the spirit of adventure, growth and exploration, transporting viewers on a journey through Pinocchio’s world of curiosity and fantasy. This will be the biggest number of items up-cycled to make one single artwork! Limited seats! Please book early to avoid disappointments.

  • FOR WEEKDAY TICKETS (MON – FRI 2PM) – click here
  • FOR WEEKEND TICKETS (FRI 6PM, SAT & SUN) – click here
  • For WEEKDAY SCHOOL & GROUP BOOKINGS,  contact ArtBeatz at 6554 7428 or email


ByIQ Kidz


Limited seats! Please book early to avoid disappointments. Show times for schools: 10 am, 2 pm from Monday to Friday from 5 July till 28 July 2017.

Programme ID: PAP052964

Find out more about the grant here.

ByIQ Kidz


Deemed to be the most children-friendly “pop-up” children theatre in town! In the heart of Singapore financial districts, amidst the hustling fussy of well-heeled steps , a “pop-up” theatre set within an art-installation of a gigantic whale made up of 40,000 plastic bottles. Is this a hoax? Unbelievable ….

You won’t believe it until you come down to admire the “arts within arts “set!

Pinocchio Family Fun Crew

Executive producer: Dawn Tam
CFO: Kho Choon Joo
Musical Director and Arranger: Bang Wenfu
Song Writer: Kenneth Lyen
Director and Master Puppeteer: Frankie Malachi
Story Writer: Lee Chee Tian
Script Writer:  Desmond Sim
Video Creator: Zenn Tan

Casts :
Pinocchio: Voice-over by Ian Tan and Singing by Kieran Khoo
Naggity cricket: Voice-over and Singing by Wan Wai Yee
Geppetto: Voice-over and Singing by Robert Tan
Blue Fairy/cat/mouse/Whale: Voice-over and Singing by Ng Jing Yun
Fox/Dog: Voice-over and Singing by Joel Tay
Stromboli: Voice-over and Singing by Nicholas Bloodworth
Asher: Voice-over and Singing by Mandric Tan

Frankie Malachi:   Pinocchio
Jennifer Ho:   Stromboli / Asher
Sirfan: Fox and Gepetto
Camyzuly: Cat / Blue Fairy
Charissa Tung: Naggity

Production and Marketing team: Ayla, Ethel, Eva, Pica, Aidil, Alethea and Kat

Co-organiser: Venue and Technical support by The Rice Company

ByIQ Kidz

One World Connected

IMG_6501 copy 2

One World Connected is conceptualised by Singaporean artist, Fish Jaafar, created by the members of Henley/Brunel MBA Alumni (Singapore), facilitated by ArtBeatz. The artwork is symbolic of Henley/Brunel’s global network. The artwork is the culmination of ideas, expressions and sentiments of the alumni in Singapore. “One World Connected” is an abstraction signifying the symbiosis between diverse individuals and cultures encompassing Henley/Brunel MBA Alumni.

IMG_1398 copy 2

IMG_1468 copy 2

IMG_1485 copy 2

IMG_1515 copy 2

ByIQ Kidz

28th SEA Games, “Torch Up!”: Ouroboros

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“Ouroboros”, by international artist Nicola Anthony, consisted of table tennis balls contributed by over 5,000 young individuals, including Singapore’s National Table Tennis players, who were invited to write their aspirations on them. This resulted in 10,000 spheres, each carrying an individual’s personal wish, correlating to show individuals coming together as an extraordinary collective: a team, family, community, society.


ByIQ Kidz

Creating Punggol Memories

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“Creating Punggol Memories” is a community art project initiated by Waterway Point. The project was conceptualised and facilitated by ArtBeatz and Singaporean Master Artist, Sun Yu-li. Inspired by Sun’s Universal Language and its ability to converge communities and ideas, the project sought to created a contemporary mosaic artwork that would be co-created by residents living in Punggol.

From the project, “Love is…” was born. Co-created with over 500 residents of Punggol, this iconic project symbolises Punggol’s evolution, unfolding its past, present and future. The work is an artistic journey illustrating the residents’ fond memories and their vision for Punggol.

“Love is…” captures each and every participant’s personal message in the unique process of creative expression.

Residents have depicted the past through images that reminisce the tropical and closely-knitted kampong spirit in Punggol. The progression to the present is captured through the energetic burst of warm colours, emerging from cool colours; accompanied by interpretations of Punggol’s modern landscape and culture. Moving on, they epitomize their aspirations for an inclusive and progressive community filled with love, passion, and prosperity.

Through the artists’ strokes, “Love is…” transcends time and space, immortalizing Punggol’s vibrant and growing community.

The work was commissioned by Waterway Point to commemorate the mall’s official opening on 19 April 2016.

ByIQ Kidz

A Peace of Art: West Coast Facade Art

West Coast 2014On 29th June 2014, ArtBeatz in collaboration with internationally acclaimed artist Mr Sun Yu-li together with the participation of residents’, was proud to launch one of Singapore’s largest community art installation measuring 26m long and 22m wide. Located at Block 728 Clementi West Street 2, West Coast Facade Art was part of West Coast CCAC’s initiative to encourage the co-creation of artworks between artists and residents in an effort to embolden collective identity within the community through the arts. In the co-creation of this project, artist Mr Sun Yu-Li provided basic elements consisting of lines, dots and circles that acted as visual guides to inspire the community to freely express their emotions and messages onto the canvas panels. 400 enthusiastic participants from all walks of life dedicated their time and effort to paint 36 canvas panels that were later hung on the facade of their residential block. It was certainly an unforgettable and heartening experience for the all who were involved in the success of this project.



ByIQ Kidz

28th SEA Games, “Torch Up!”: Future Youth Abound

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“Future Youth Abound” is a celebration of youth and our future as held in their hands. This artwork was made possible through a community of children and youth: the sculpture’s face comprises of paintings on metal sheets be pre-schoolers from My First Skool @ Blk 18 Marine Terrace, Primary and Secondary Students from CHIJ St Nicholas Girls’ School, and finally assembled by Florence Ng (an established glass artist) and Dawn Tam. Only (artist/art educator and Artistic Director of ArtBeatz) through individual expression and a collective contribution, was “Future Youth Abound” able to come to fruition. “Future Youth Abound” was presented with a certificate of appreciation from the SEA Games.

artbeatz – Torch Run from Adrenalin Studios on Vimeo.

ByIQ Kidz


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A community project in conjunction with Art Garden 2013 at SAM@8Q, LOVE . REVOLVE THE WORLD is a collaboration between Singaporean artist Sun Yu-Li and 750 children from ages 3 to 12 years old.

Consisting of 750 individual canvases, the artwork started off with only white dots and lines painted by Sun Yu-Li to represent the connections that exist in the Universe and the random nature of everything around us. Each canvas was then given to an individual child who then added on to Sun Yu-Li’s work with his/her own design using coloured paint. The individual canvases were then pieced together to form the final, large work, the process of which showed the connecting and coming together of each unique individual in this vast Universe.

This community project is an initiative of ArtBeatz, an artistic arm of IQkidz Pte Ltd, with participation of students from:

•             My First Skool (Art Galore Programme)
•             CHIJ St. Nicholas Girls’ School
•             Greenridge Primary School (Talented Artists Programme)


ByIQ Kidz

SG50 Facade Art

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2015 has been eventful for Singapore. In celebration of its 50th birthday, this golden jubilee has been festive with events and celebrations organised nationwide to commemorate our nation’s progress. With that, we also take time to pay tribute to the late Mr. Lee Kuan Yew in meaningful ways.

It is our delight at ArtBeatz to have been part of two major events, the 28th SEA Games Torch-Up and the PAssionArts Festival 2015 edition, producing community art.

At the 28th SEA Games Torch-Up, we produced two beautiful sculptures, Future Youth Abound and Ouroborus. Both reached out to various communities.

Our biggest feet however, was furthering and sharing the co-creation process of A Peace of Art. A Peace of Art is a canvas art installation installed onto the facade of Block 728, Jurong West Street 2. The work was part of the PAssionArts Festival 2014 edition. This year, we have expanded the concept to 105 HDB block, working with The People’s Association.

In the span of three months, ArtBeatz had worked on the ground with over 40 artists and 25, 000 individuals to create massive and meaningful works of art. Preparation, facilitation, and touching up works were part of our contribution. While much sweat was shed, our greatest joy came from being able to work with people to express their creativity and sentiments for Singapore.

Through Facade Art, we are able to feast our eyes on striking, beautiful and mesmerising works that translate stories, wishes, and connections that have been built by the communities. Facade Art shares in painting, the wonder of working with people from all ages and walks of life. Some have shared their memorable childhood experiences in the 1950s, while others have expressed joyous feelings of living in a modern metropolis that Singapore is today.

Many have been awed by the vibrancy and scale of these artworks across Singapore.

The team at ArtBeatz further developed Sun Yu Li’s concept from A Peace of Art. Where he first painted on blank canvases his Universal Language in white. The community later added their own images using colours. The work is an iconographic expression of moments, ideas, thoughts, memories and the deep connections between people.

Facade Art not only reached out to the residential communities but also the artistic community. Sun’s original concept has been explored and reinterpreted by over 80 artists for Facade Art.

All in all, the astoundingly cohesive works are visually astonishing and delightfully. The scale has successfully created a new art movement in Singapore, pushing the boundaries of community art and bringing it to new heights. For ArtBeatz, our greatest reward comes from giving the communities the ownership and fun opportunity to freely express their creativity through art.