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Eat your fruits kids! And you will find rainbows

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In celebration of Singapore’s Jubilee year, ArtBeatz took pre-school students on a dazzling tour around the Aljunied Cluster Arts Playground at Bedok Reservoir between 1 and 16 August 2015! The tour was part of PAssionArts 2015, organised by The People’s Association.

The largest art maze ever built in Singapore, “Eat your fruits kids! And you will find rainbows” was specially created for the enjoyment and creative discovery for children. To further the experience for the children, we had integrated fun activities that enabled them to interact with the artwork and each other.

“Eat your fruits kids! And you will find rainbows” is created by Brooklyn-based Singaporean artist, Sheryo, in collaboration with The Yok. The work was co-created with 2,500 residents from Aljunied GRC and Hougang over a course of 20 workshop sessions.

ByIQ Kidz

Gardens By The Bay Art Walk

Garden-by-the-bay-300x200This art walk will allow students to discover sculptures, art and the rich history and culture of our ethnic groups and colonial past at Gardens By The Bay. Students will evaluate and interpret various abstract and stylized works of public sculptures at the Gardens, examine and understand the different types of art of the ethnic groups of Singapore, and appreciate the differences between the ethnic groups.

The art walk will end with a visual art activity, in which students will get the opportunity to create their own artworks based on what they have explored at Gardens By The Bay.

ByIQ Kidz

Fort Canning Sculpture Trail

fortcanning2Teaching with the brain in mind! We aim to deliver classes with experiential learning dynamism for young minds to appreciate daily Science around them and with an Artistic touch to optimize cognitive development.

We deliver science concept in stories, engage them with teachers’ demonstration and they would be doing simple experiments and complete the experience with artistic works to bring home.

This programme is specially designed for 3 to 4 years old.

ByIQ Kidz

Hike it!










Our Hike It! Tours provide a fun and educational guided introduction to monument, sculptures and sites of historical importance along the banks of the Singapore River. The Singapore River is an important waterway synonymous with the growth and development of Singapore.

Through our stimulating and informative approach, the tour covers the Singapore River area, where students will learn about Singapore’s history, Sir Stamford Raffles, bumboats, famous bridges and other historical landmarks and sculptures.

Each student will receive a Learning Journey Booklet to help them make their journey an enriching, memorable and enjoyable one.

The Hike It! tour will cover the Asian Civilizations Museum, Boat Quay, Cavenagh Bridge, Raffles Landing Site, Victoria Theatre, The Arts House and many more.

Alternatively, we also customize our Hike It! tours to suit our customers.